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​Root Barrier


Landscaping on your property can have many positive effects, most notably it can increase the value of your property and provide you with an improved quality of life. Plants and trees look beautiful and provide oxygen but you may also need to control and contain their root system to protect your home. Over time, greenery with deep roots that are able to spread out and travel long distances underground can create serious damage to your foundation as they week nutrients and water. Many trees are able to take up to 100 gallons of moisture out of soil and as they do this, it can cause create harm to the soil around the foundation of your home. Stream Foundation Repair Of Waco can provide you with well proven solutions for trees with aggressive root systems by creating a root barrier to keep your plumbing and foundation intact and undamaged by tree roots.

Protect your Foundation

Tree plantings are a great way of beautifying your property and they should be able to flourish but when their roots go unchecked, tree roots can cause a great deal of damage to your foundation but with a root barrier your trees are free to grow without fear of breaking through your home’s foundation. You have the protection you need to prevent root growth and to control the direction so that they are growing in a downward growth pattern in order to prevent damage to your slab foundation and or pier and beam foundation. You will also have the advantage of protecting underground utitlities that might be damage from the traditional growth pattern of your tree roots. Stream Foundation Repair Of Waco has the skill and experience you need to determine the growth pattern of tree roots in order to protect your home.

Professional Knowledge of Varied Approaches

You can leave the guesswork to our foundation repair specialist to provide you with an accurate approach for root barriers. There are a large variety of styles and types of root barriers and not every approach will work for your property so we offer a unique and customized intervention for your tree roots, and sometime drainage correction is necessary. However, the priority is to intervene in the standard growth pattern of your tree’s roots to ensure that they are directed away from areas of your property that could be damaged such as your home’s foundation, underground utilities as well as sidewalks. Our root barriers systems are highly rated and offer either rigid or flexible materials, depending on what method is the most suitable for your property and tree species.

Affordable Intervention

Home improvements are a vital part of home ownership and some interventions can be extremely cost prohibitive. But root barrier interventions for your home’s foundation are an affordable intervention that can save you a great deal of money in the long run. We offer well proven methods that are top rated in the foundation repair service industry at affordable prices.

Why Hire Us

We help homeowners protect both their trees and their property by proving the accurate style of root barriers for you’re the species of tree. We understand that your home is an investment and trees are a way to improve your curb appeal and market value of a home however traditional root systems can cause great harm to your property. Our foundation repair specialists have years of experience providing home owners with the expertise they need for installing root barriers.