Professional Foundation Repair in Waco, TX



It isn’t just that the cracks in your foundation are unsightly, but they also indicate your home has had problems long before you probably noticed them. Preventative maintenance would have been better but not the foundation problems are upon you and you may be feeling overwhelmed because you think you’re going to bankrupt yourself by making the repairs. But that could not be further from the truth when you used the best foundation repair service in the region. Stream Foundation Repair Of Waco provides countless clients with a full suite of services to stem the deterioration of their foundation and restore it to prevent settling problems. We can do the same for you using our exceptional skill and experience.

About Us

Foundation repair specialists are not all created equal and when you are looking for the best foundation repair company there is only one leader. Stream Foundation Repair Of Waco is a full service contractor that offers a wide variety of solutions for repairing your home’s foundation and protecting it from issues such as moisture, soil settling and tree root growth. Our foundation repair reviews are stellar and you will have the peace of mind you need in your home and the quality of life you deserve when your hire our contractors to fix your foundation problems. If you are seeking exceptional workmanship for repairs and preventative maintenance, we are proud to service your home.

Our Services

Our team has decades of experience as exceptional service providers for homeowners who want peace of mind when they hire a foundation repair contractor.  We only use well proven and successful foundation repair methods that are customized for your home’s particular foundation problem. Our unique care extends to every aspect of your foundation whether it is to repair cracked concrete or cracked slab or to conduct house leveling services. This is why we are a top rated foundation repair service in the region. We offer in depth knowledge and we provide clients with the feedback they need to make accurate and appropriate decisions for their foundation repairs. 


Slab Repair

As a homeowner in Waco, TX, you probably know that slab foundations are common in residential construction. It has become a popular construction feature for its ability to withstand high temperatures. But despite its durability, you still need to conduct preventative maintenance to ensure that you are not experiencing settling problems that can so often happen with soil shifts and water pools around the foundation of your home. Cracked slabs are vital to repair if your home is to remain structurally sound and safe and Stream Foundation Repair Of Waco can conduct the foundation repairs you need with well proven successful methods.


Pier & Beam Repair

Pier and beams are another form of foundation that is found in Waco, TX and it was often constructed to ensure that moisture and soil settling did not affect the structural quality of your home. However, your pier and beams can still suffer from structural damage though it may be challenging to see the signs if you are not a professional foundation repair contractor. Calling us for a free inspection can save you a great deal of money in the long run and we can also provide you with preventative maintenance. 

“These guys really ae the best foundation repair company in the region. They’ve repaired two of our homes and we intend to use their services again if we ever need them. ” – William C.

​Root Barrier

Your trees are likely beautiful and create a stunning effect on your property but they can also create severe foundation problems if the roots are left unchecked to spread across your property. This how root barriers can help keep your foundation, plumbing and other underground installations like utilities safe from the lateral spread of tree roots. Stream Foundation Repair Of Waco uses a variety of root barrier methods that depend upon the species of the tree rather than a one size fits all strategy.


Drainage Correction

Perhaps you’ve noticed pools of water around your property close to the perimeter of your foundation well after it rains. This could be a sign that drainage correct is needed and our foundation repair specialists are here to assist. Issue of poor drainage can cause your foundation to crack and allow moisture and mold to develop. This can result in more complicated structural damages that are complicated to repair. Rather quickly repair drainage problems with our exceptional foundation repair services.

“We read over all the foundation repair reviews and we decided to call them and we’re very happy with their work. We highly recommend them to anyone who asks about out slab concrete work.” – Perez F.


House Leveling

You don’t have ghosts when you house is creaking; instead it is likely settling problems that can be efficiently repaired with house leveling. It’s an unfortunate structural problem that many homeowners face due to poor original construction methods and unstable soil. But with the foundation repair expertise of Stream Foundation Repair Of Waco, you can have these issues repaired. House leveling is the strategy most recommended for settling problems and we are exceptional craftsman and well known as the best foundation repair service in the region.


Free Inspection

Free inspections are a great strategy for finding out the exact nature of your foundation and structural problems before you make a decision to repair. Stream Foundation Repair Of Waco have decades of experience and skill to determine the precise nature of your home’s structural damage. We provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision for foundation repair services.

“When you have foundation repairs that need experts who really know what they are talking about, Waco Foundation is the best at what they do, hands down.” – Jocey M.

Contact Us For Help

If you are looking for exceptional quality workmanship to repair your foundation, slab cracks, cracked concrete, pier and beam repairs or preventative maintenance for pier and beam maintenance or a host of other structural damage repairs, contact us for assistance. We are readily available to provide you with the information you need to make informed repair decisions. Check out our foundation repair reviews online and call us find out how much does foundation repair cost. We will provide you with a free inspection and free estimate of service. As the best foundation repair company in Waco, TX we are very proud of our affordable prices and top rated quality of services.